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World Warfare
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S2 Season Sitrep- Vol 1


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Hello Commanders,


S2 season has come to its next half. How is your battle manual going? According to our data, the owner of the highest level manual is Commander HUAWEI*FIGHTING, whose manual level is Lv. 47 for now. Congrats! Let us spare not efforts to gain more levels in order to get the final rewards!

Speak of which, some of our commanders may still wonder how to upgrade the manual level and claim the rewards. Here is a guide for you guys. Check it out.


  • Firstly, you need to go to the in-game store or the EVENTS button to purchase a battle manual. It's OK if you don't buy it, but you can only get part of the rewards.


  • Secondly, tap the S2 button on the screen, go to the 3rd tab, you will find many missions here, which are Tournament Missions, MMR Missions, Weekly Missions and Other Missions. You have to go to the maps, complete the mission in order to accumulate your activity points. Check the picture below



  • Thirdly, activity points help you to upgrade the battle manual level quickly. You get better prizes by accumulating more activity points. Check the picture below.



Should you have more questions, please PM me or go to the support! Thank you.



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