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World Warfare
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Hi.  Good afternoon world warfare forum I await your opinions about what I have written.


  The world warfare matchmaking is uneven and this has caused the game not to win players as they leave the game very quickly and become stagnant.  Which I suggest better rank-based matchmaking with a minimum rank to enter and a maximum rank to not be able to enter and thus better level the game especially for new or novice players.


  I suggest new game modes such as modes which do not last a week but a couple of hours, for example.

  "The assault on the city"
  With a limited group of troops commanded by the player, he will have to invade a rebel city, victory is achieved by capturing it and defeat by losing specific units such as engineering vehicles or an allied command center similar to the elite army barracks of the empire.

  "Battle for the sea"
  A battle in which the player must destroy specific units such as an aircraft carrier, a group of destroyers among others.

  "Strategic withdrawal"
  The player will have to defend a retreat ensuring that the transport units manage to escape if several transport units are lost, a defeat is achieved.


  New environments and conditions which to see the troops in general as well as some balance sheets for example.

  Land units move 12% slower.
  Tank units gain 8% more range.
  88mm anti-aircraft guns get 12% more range.
  Anti tank artillery gets% 15 more range.

  Land units move 18% slower.
  All ground units gain an additional 100 defense points.
  New ability: "camouflage" to detect units hidden in the woods the enemy forces will approach up to half their vision to detect them.
  New Skill: "Hunt" Infantry units can hunt in forests by freezing the time it takes to deplete their food supplies.

  Ground forces lose their speed by% 20
  Ground forces gain% 10 more attack but lose% 8 health
  New Battlefield Investigative Skill: "Antifreeze" Armored units ignore tundra speed reduction.
   New Battlefield Investigative Skill: "Winter Tires" cannon and vehicle units ignore tundra speed reduction.
  New Battlefield Research Skill: "Winter Gear" infantry units ignore tundra speed reduction.

  Land units move 15% slower.
  Tank units gain 4% more range.
  88mm anti-aircraft guns get 5% more range.
  Anti-tank artillery gains% 6 more range.

  Land units move 40% slower
  Ground forces gain 8% more attack range
  Ground forces gain 5% more damage
  New Battlefield Research Skill: "Extra Tractor Claws" Armored units reduce their speed on the mountain from% 40 to% 20 speed on the mountain.
   New Battlefield Research Skill: "Mountain Tires" cannon and vehicle units reduce their speed on the mountain from% 40 to% 15.
  New skill to investigate from the battlefield: "mountain team" infantry units ignore the mountain speed reduction.


  Train station:
  When the train station is built, it must transport all kinds of troops, resources and supplies to the cities connected by land at a speed of 8.5 points.

  Large farms: Large farms will be able to produce three times the amount of fortune than a farm or mini farm.

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