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World Warfare
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new Troops and changes to improve the gameplay


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new troops:


air has always felt unbalanced IMO bc at first it’s just scouts and transports the. suddenly it’s bombers late game.

at munition factory level 5 we have the P-47 thunderbolt fighter. this is a less powerful fighter than the p-51 mustang meant to make air feel good throughout all stages of the game.

at league munition factory level 4 we have the P-63 kingcobra fighter. doing damage to both buildings,ground and air, this best is  slower than a jet fighter but packs a big punch.


naval combat needs a lot of attention. getting a harbor is a decent challenge early game and doesn’t usually pay off. i think the maps should be reworked to include more water and harbors. 


coming at league munition factory lvl 3 this beast of a battleship is a force to be reckoned with it attackes air, buildings, ground and navy with a forceful hit. one downside is it’s insane operating cost. costing tons of fortune, steel, oil and time.

Game Changes

Tech tree:

simply reducing research times would help greatly for newer players to make use of the tech tree.

troop cap:

troop cap has always annoyed me and interfered with my plans and i think a few changes are in order 

i think there should be 3 troop caps, Plane, ground and navy. each increasing by 2 every battle level. this change makes balance easier. also raise troop cap in general.


they are really confusing especially for newer players and some quality of life changes could be great


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