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World Warfare
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Loyalty, kdr, kills medals


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A lot of us have been playing this game for years and I'd like to see some type of loyalty medal something befitting us that have been with this game since it was in shitty diapers. 

A kdr (or kill-death ratio) medal which is a true way to judge a players skills instead of his or her city and farming count. The german hindenburg the Japanese yamamoto etc

A kills medal one for levels 10, 25, 50, 75, 100k kills etc these two medals will place players that actually have skill in the game not just deep wallets. No on cares about how many hours ones played we all play for hours it's a game. Let the actually kdr reflect pvp and discounts the ai this alone will show what a player actually fight...another player or the ai.

Finally and we have been asking for years where r the ships for our lcs? Where's my uboat so I can attack that gemmers batts. Where's the super battleships which were kin design stages towards the end of ww2. The german hindenburg the Japanese yamamoto etc

Can we see other icons images like the me262 the current jet is from the korean war. Where's our rail gun and as u finally gave us pillboxes etc where is my minefields...come devs what's the hold up 

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