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World Warfare
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Update Sneak Peek-Vol.1


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Greetings Commanders,


Welcome to the world warfare military channel! According to our internal sources, the HQ is planning to launch a major update in the near future. A bunch of free premium items are waiting for you to claim!


In this update, we will introduce the concept of Season, it is a season from overall, not the same season as that of tournament. The S1 season is about to kick off soon! During the season, you can purchase the Battle Manual, complete designated missions, and improve your personal rankings and league rankings. Let's take a sneak peek below!


Battle Manual

1. In the battle manual, we have added some exclusive items, such as unit skins, permanent commander portraits, permanent league emblems, among which, the permanent commander portraits and permanent league emblems could be only gained in this season. Battle Manual is the most cost efficient item in this game! Here are some pictures:




2. Battle Manual is also known as battle pass where you can earn a series of premium items that can help you conquer the battlefield. There are 2 kinds of manuals we have: Free manual and Elite manual. When you are playing on the battlefields, you have to accumulate a certain amount of active points to claim the corresponding rewards. Unlock the Elite Manual with $9.99 to gain more premium items.





3. You may also wonder how to gain the active points. Please tap the S1 season button, click tab Missions, complete the missions listed to accumulate the points. The missions for the league tournament and MMR are challenging with high rewards; the weekly missions and other missions are easy to be completed.




As you all have comprehended, this is a brand new feature to the game. We will keep optimizing it based on your kind opinions. Therefore, please share what on your mind is in the comment area. Thank you. 


That's all for the vol. 1, more contents are coming soon. Stay tuned, please!






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In the World of ____ blitz games, it’s called a blitz pass. However, I don’t like the idea of tying rewards to limited access game modes. Just like the new arty coins. The best players play these modes to give their league the best chance of winning. So everyone else in the league is SOL. But being a team game for success, people aren’t going to break into smaller leagues to get an opportunity. If the goal is to reach the whole community, then things like tourneys should be limited to once per season per league member. This would encourage more participation with all league members.

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17 hours ago, ChiefOps said:

Will there be new troops and more control ?? Or just battle pass? If it just battle pass I wouldn't call it major update.

I agree. We need LC naval units and submarines to make things more interesting. Let’s make a sniper unit able to extend the attack range of battleships into the sniper units sight range, but only works in coastal territory zones.  This will increase The use of naval units in maps where naval units are harder to use. 

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