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World Warfare
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The league city has no naval units. I plan on helping solve what should be added and at what level. Please if you have ideas be descriptive. 


Iowa class Battleship- 

HP-49,000/ Speed-.8/ Sight-250/ Attack Range-305 
Fuel-15H/ Food-24H/ Ammo-6H            
Defense type- ship 1000           
Attack: Infantry-1000/ Vehicle-1400/ Armor-1300/ Ship-2500/ Building-1900/ Submarine-2000     


Production cost- 30min to produce and 20min to build.    
cash-20,000/ Oil-5000/ Steel-7000/ Rubber-2000

Battle technology:

-HP & Speed +10%   
-Attack against all +10%   
-Float plane, launch from the slingshots on the fantail. Extends sight to 400 for a 5min duration with a 30min cool down.    
-Dept Charges, damage range of 180. Causing damage to subs within damage range  at 5% of max HP every min the submarine stays submerged.   




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9D419871-6AF8-47BD-B438-830266C630CB.jpeg.8b0a413996fe5799651115ba202f8f73.jpegLeague city level 5

Alaska class Heavy Cruiser

HP-21,000/ Speed-2.0/ Sight-300/ Attack Range-280.   
Fuel-13H/ Food-13H/ Ammo-5.5H

Defense type- ship 1000


Infantry-800/ Vehicle-900/ Armor-850/ Building-1000/ Ship-1500/ Air-1400/ Submarine-1500.   

Production cost: 25min to produce & 18min to build   
Cash-10,000/ Oil-2500/ Steel-4500/ Rubber-1000


Battle Technology:

-HP & Speed +10%    
-Attack against all +10%
-AOE size +100% for 5min duration. 30min cool down.      
-Full Speed Ahead +100% to speed & +5% to Attack against all for 5min duration. 30min cool down.    
-Dept Charges damage range of 180. Causing damage to submarine at 5% of max HP every min until submarine surfaces. 



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League city level 3 

Balao Class Submarine 

Surfaced HP-4,000/ Surfaced Speed-3.42/ Surfaced Sight-300.    
Submerged HP-10,000/ Submerged Speed-1.72/ Submerged Sight-150.  
Attack Range-200/ Attack Range vs Air 250 

Attack: Ship-2500/ Air-1400/ Submarine-2500

Fuel-36H/ Food-48H/ Ammo-24min 

Defense type- Ship 1000 (surfaced).  
Defense type- Ship +3000 (submerged).  


Production Cost: 20min to produce & 15min to build. 
Cash-8,000/ Oil-1500/ Steel-2500/ Rubber-1500


Battle technology:

-HP & Speed +10%

-Attack +10%

-Mark 18 Torpedoes, due to the torpedo design the submarines position is not given away while attacking. 

-Emergency Dive, -50% time it takes for submarine to submerge. 

-Silence is Gold, instant -25% of target units max HP if submarine attacks without being spotted. 30 sec duration. 30 min cool down. 


Extra information: 

-If submarine unit is spotted a shadow in the water will be present to all who have sight in area.    
-3min time to submerge.    
-Causes AOE damage In a 25 spot radius.   
-40sec to set up Bolfors Deck gun. Time starts when unit is surfaced while stopped. 
-Dept Charges cause 5% damage to max HP until submarine surfaces. 
-Subs only spotted if within 180 sight range of all ships or 250 sight range of destroyers.


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Otto Kretschmer



He earned the nickname "Silent Otto" both for his successful use of the "silent running" capability of U-boats as well as for his reluctance to transmit radio messages during patrols. After the war, he served in the German Federal Navy and retired in 1970 with the rank of Flottillenadmiral (flotilla admiral).

-40 ships sunk
-3 auxiliary warships sunk  
-1 warship sunk
-1 ship sunk 
-5 ships damaged 
-2 ships a total loss

-Bonus to Submarines-

—HP +20%
—Speed +25%
—Attack +35%
—Attack range +25%
—Can move within spotting range of enemy    
ships for 30sec before being detected. 

                         -Richard O’ Kane-


The single most accomplished American Submarine Commander In History. Awarded the Medal of Honor while commanding the USS TANG (Balao Class submarine) in the Pacific War against Japan. Credited for the sinking of 33 Ships During WWII. 


Bonus to Balao class submarines:

HP: + 35%
Speed: +30%
Sight: +30%
Attack vs ships: +25%
Attack Range: +15%


Extra: Speed increase of +30% while inside enemy controlled zones. 

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