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World Warfare
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New troops and suggestions to better this game


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So this game is good. As we all know but with every game there are some problems. People gem way too much and there are glitches, etc. So I have some suggestions to make 


1. Make a global map where items CANT be used. No gems, no tactic cards, shields. A 100% completely fair and tactically dominant map.

2. More troops are wanted and really needed. This game is fun but we dont have a huge element in warfare. Submarines. Which has its advantages and disadvantages but it should be relatively easy to make (uboats were made around 25 a month) and add a destroyer that can locate submerged subs and use depth charges to destroy them. add the panzer IV and other tanks as well. Also in WW2 there were more than the M1 and the Kar98k. Add a sub-machine gun infantry that can capture cities like regular Infantry. Also the BF 109 should be added to muni production with the Hipper class cruiser into LC production with the german Wespe SP artillery.

3. I'm asking you devs to make a german and allied unit for each "unit" because I would like to see a choice between allies or Axis after you select your tech tree class. This is a world war 2 game, and I'm not saying that if you select allied tech and troops you have to fight Axis people (that's later.) But they each have their own advantage and disadvantage and it's your choice whose troops to use. 

4. Now I would like to see liberty rising host an allied vs Axis event with core states from both sides housing a certain level city and a number of troops. And see the Axis counties (Germany Italy, Romania, Hungary, and Slovakia vs UK, France, Poland, Europe states of the USSR and the other minor countries on both sides) the neutral countries in the war will be rebel cities.

That's what I have for other people who want to make suggestions comment them and devs keep doing good work. :)

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