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World Warfare
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Auto build queue for units once produced


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So it would be good if you guys could introduce an armament queue to help keep ppl ticking along when they are away at work like with the building queue you can pay 300 diamonds to unlock for a day. Now i know guys you are thinking but we can already produce and build our units using a queue, but that is not exactly what i mean. What i am proposing is like with  the build queue that keeps you ticking along while away, i think a good addition would be an unlock that auto starts building your produced units at an army/naval or air base as soon as they are produced at the munition factory automatically without a player needing to find time to get online and produce as well as finding more time to then build. 300 diamonds a day like the base queue would be a fair price id be happy to pay for that conveience for another feature like the build queue that can help us working class blokes stay just that bit more competetive against the players that have alot more free time due to being retired or whatever. Serious.....it could work

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