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World Warfare
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Feedback from Blast Craters-E3


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On 6/27/2019 at 9:50 AM, Peter said:



Crisis Fringe is ongoing now! Share your insights here will help you win 3000 diamonds. Details are as followed:


To Participate:

You need to share your suggestions or ideas on Crisis Fringe under this thread. We will reward the best suggestion with 3000 diamonds and two of the outstanding suggestions 1000 diamonds (for each). 



The event lasts from August 2nd 2019 to August 6th 2019



The best: 3000 diamonds

The outstandings: 1000 diamonds for each commander

Participants: 500 amethysts for each commander



You can only get the rewards ONCE.

The suggestions have to connect to map Crisis Fringe

Accurate in-game name is a necessity.

The rewards will be sent out in 72 hours after this event ends.


Should you have more questions, please write me a message.


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I liked it, needs a little more speed and the lvl 15 cities shields only need to be about 12 hours not the 24. The navy respawn was a hassle and the lc glitch needs fixed. If you keep it to 6 from a league we should land together we dropped 2 then 3 more 10 minutes later and were strung out and no chance of working together from the start maybe should be when the  league hits the start that everyone drops in at once even if they’re offline. The strength of the rebels was strong than the crisis map/thrust whatever you called it but it wasn’t that big of a deal. 


P.S. before you ask Peter it’s MojoRyder 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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I didn't get a chance to play it which sucks but based off of the comments this mode whould have been really fun it sounds like there's a lot of navel play in this one so that's cool I can't wait for the next time you guys put it out so I can try to try it but hey can yhall add more modes for us to be able to play anytime we want like the 260 player mode (I probably got the player count wrong) it's fun but that's all there is to do intill the other modes unlock witch takes a while an can there be a mostly water map for a always playable map that whould be neet. Ok thx for reading this an please at least give it some thought bye (sorry for making it a bit long)

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I made it a bit long
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On 9/17/2019 at 7:45 AM, Soco said:

Battlefield  is ok. Like the others all bf need to speed  up a little. Also would be good if alt accounts  were not allowed  in it. And a cool down  period  on shields 

I like the idea of cool downs on shields, not sure it needs to be sped up any, doing this could mess with strategies. However my big suggestion is a cool down on life saving, and by that I mean how quickly a single unit can receive this tactic.

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It's good and all but if u join late all the ss are taken and it's over because battleship are already being made and your behind so I'm thinking it starts like cup lvl 6 city and u start from.there and on top of it I would add a new troop a ship that u can make in the lc witch could be a wasp ship witch carry helicopters and the helicopters bomb or aa idk sounds cool and the turrets are 25% stronger and more range because in this mode the ships out range the turrets and its it's kinda broke  ya it's fun if u join early that's my I'd new content plus something that the community is asking for or even a submarine its just the community wants new troops 

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It was good map, just need more resources like double steel and oil and rubber, and double speed will be more fun,...... Thanks, boissa 

Map was bad so bad more ground troops not like what wrote,... I hope make more island and give more think like ship and ressources double, boissa 

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