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World Warfare
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Share Suggestions On Crisis Fringe-E3


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On 6/27/2019 at 2:50 AM, Peter said:



Crisis Fringe is ongoing now! Share your insights here will help you win 3000 diamonds. Details are as followed:


To Participate:

You need to share your suggestions or ideas on Crisis Fringe under this thread. We will reward the best suggestion with 3000 diamonds and two of the outstanding suggestions 1000 diamonds (for each). 



The event lasts from August 15th 2019 to August 23rd 2019



The best: 3000 diamonds

The outstandings: 1000 diamonds for each commander

Participants: 500 amethysts for each commander



You can only get the rewards ONCE.

The suggestions have to connect to map Crisis Fringe

Accurate in-game name is a necessity.

The rewards will be sent out in 72 hours after this event ends.


Should you have more questions, please write me a message.


It is a good battle, I hope to increase the types of ships thanks
It is a good battle, I hope to increase the types of ships thanks
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