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World Warfare
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Naval Battle video (for learning purposes)


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The setting:

1 vs 4

YeOldeGuy vs 4x Luckystrike

my ships are considerably stronger than Lucky’s, but we did this to learn from and to show rookie players how to team play to conquer a stronger player.

warning - this is a 40min battle

noteable points:

Early on, battle lines were set.

lucky was having a difficult time breaking the line.

later they pushed a bunch of ships into the line to engage cruisers.

bombers were sent in to bait the cruisers and group them up

once cruisers were gone,.. 100+ bombers did the rest.


what I should have done was slowly move backwards to group up the ships and I would’ve taken more than what I did.

but this was a fun battle and something we can all learn from.

my troops (no where near max tech and with officers):

8x Carolinas @ 34k hp each

8x Bismarck’s @ 51k hp each

32x cruisers @ 19k hp each


50+ bismarks between 30-45k hp

various carolinas and cruisers

100+ bombers




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