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World Warfare
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To help new players


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I personally think developer's should make a training map where leagues can take there new players have them practice taking reble citys and experimenting with there  troops. Reble cities in map should vary from some mid level citys like level 7 to high level cities with strong reble troops defending them like on Isles of war map lvl 15 cities. Map should not give player a victory or deafeat just provide the player with with the fundamental of the game and get a chance to get shown how to play before they start jumping in maps where there at a huge disadvantage because the dont have someone to show them how to play. Cadet map help out a bit but alot of players quit cadet map to play in maps and to join leagues. I feel like leagues should be able to take there new recruits and show them there way of playing without worrying about other players taking there cities. But just my opinion just thought i should share it. 

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