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World Warfare
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Maintenance and Update-Oct. 22nd


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The server will go down for maintenance at 7:00 am UTC (12:00 am PDT, 3:00 am EDT). Expected downtime will be approximately 2 hours. Keep your troops safe before you log out. Please update this game in App Store/Google Play Store after the maintenance. Thank you.
Patch Notes:
-New map! 6V6 mode with 1X move speed.
-The tactic "life-saving" only works for league members now.
-The ammo carried by the infantry reduced from 20 hours to 2 hours.
-Fixed some bugs that related to the game crash.
-Fixed a bug of chat disappearing.
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Just curious what's the point of polling the community if you are going to go against its wishes anyway. With a resounding 68% people answered that no change is required to self healing and yet you felt compelled to go ahead and change it anyway.

Do you at least understand that the player base you are harming are the small 5-6 player leagues that can no longer survive against 20 player leagues heal spam. I mention this because heal spam there will be this change does NOTHING to thawrt it.

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