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World Warfare
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WeFew Recruiting - Naval Commander


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WeFew is looking for a Naval Commander. Class Tech of Airman or Tanker Tier 3 is preferred but not required. As a Naval Commander, your primary responsibility will be to build and maintain a Naval/Air/Amphibious Force in accordance with WeFew Doctrine to support Land and Air operations.

A few notes:

WeFew usually plays 1 map per month. We do play other maps with our alts. You are not required to have an alt, but if you do, it must be in our alt league. You cannot have an alt in another league.

WeFew Recruitment Process

Line app and discord are mandatory. 18+ age requirement


·         Initial interview in line with MkV

·         Follow-up interview with WeFew command staff in discord

·         Entry into selection.

·         Basic training with an alt in a cadet map

·         Advanced training with your main in WeFew battlefield

·         Peer Review

·         Permanent membership in WeFew or removal from Selection based on Peer review

If you are interested, please PM MkV in the Line app. My Line ID is mefaircloth

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