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World Warfare
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New Event


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Hello Commanders,

I think it is time to hold some more events, everyone seems to get into a rhythm and then the maps change or become unavailable. Isles and Kill chain are perfect examples of this and it would be great to see leagues that are consistently doing back to back large scale battlefields rewarded with exciting events to give veterans and new members a chance to grow and learn together.

We just extended our last Battlefield with a few allies to share knowledge and try things we haven’t had time to try out due to real life, work and family or having to fight off the whole map. It was really fun and creative but after it finished it felt like down time for us ... yet we still jump straight in and go again taking what we learned or taught others with us I just feel like the risk outweighs the rewards when going into another bf on the same day. 

It would be great to hear what other members and leagues think about having some more events in the upcoming months. Definitely need some more super battleships and waffen fortresses with harder troops on Supremacy.




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