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World Warfare
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Campaign/PvE mode


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This is an idea that i thought would be able to help newcomers, or new leauges to help get used to each other. 


I think their should some sort of PvE mode involved that players can set to different difficultys, for both solo and leauge matches. For solo matches i think it should be like a rl WW2 battle timeline and you can act as the country and the commanding general, you can set enemy difficultys and it wont effect the stats. 



For league teams I think(once again) their should be a enemy cpu league team that will have the same numbers of members with depending on the difficulty , the cpu can adapt to the players in a way, and the cpu will actually use a designed player style based off of other rl players performances that are based in the difficulty chosen, once again it will not effect the stats of the leauge lvl or player lvl. 


I think its a great way for newcomers to not be screwed like they usuallu are, while not losing bfs, and for other players to sharpen their skills! Thank for reading, ik my thing isn't perfected but plz consider!

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