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World Warfare
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World Warfare, coming to Steam!


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World Warfare is coming to Steam very soon!  This exciting PC version of our classic game comes with many of the same dynamic battle features, units, graphics, and intensity, but it's also different in key ways. We are proud to announce this new step in developing our global community!


Key differences between the mobile game and Steam game:

•    The games are NOT cross platform; your mobile account has no impact on the Steam version (they are two completely different games).
•    No gems!
•    No officers.
•    Gold is generated automatically each map. On each battlefield, you can choose which Tech and Tactics to unlock and upgrade with gold. Like everything else, these choices are reset each map (gold does not carry over from battlefield to battlefield).
•    No Class or Battle Tech.
•    Identical units now “stack” into a single unit on the map. For example, if you build 50 Light Tanks you will see one Light Tank unit on the map with the number "50" on it. These unit “stacks” can be split or merged on command. There is a limit as to how many "stacks" you can have at one time.
•    Players can produce and train hundreds of units at once.
•    Day/Night cycle.

The game is launching in an "Early Access" mode (similar to a Beta phase), which will allow us to gather feedback and fine-tune balance and gameplay as we development the game. The game is free to play, but you can purchase some modest, permanent unlocks. We will have more details as the game launches. If you enjoy PC gaming, we hope you’ll give it a try!

See you on the battlefield!

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20 hours ago, Jasper said:

Are the changes in the steam game like more units, more maps and weather going to eventually come into the mobile game, or should we expect these games to stay different?

You should expect them to play differently. PC is easier to code and handle a larger load than mobile devices.

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