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World Warfare
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Chinese League cheating. WW Support covers it up and deletes proof.


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I posted a forum thread yesterday about Chinese league cheating and game support refusing to stop it. The thread disappeared overnight not surprisingly. I will post a new one every day until they ban me. Then I’ll make new accounts and keep posting anyway. And then if I’m banned I’ll go to iTunes with evidence of the cheating + coverup and get refund. Go ahead and try me :) 

Maybe in China you biased support staff people can silence dissent. But I live in the USA where there is freedom of speech and corruption and cheating will lose against truth and relentless honesty. The Chinese league is cheating. Some of the support staff knows they are cheating and would rather help and support them instead of stopping. The game’s support staff is based in China. Which no smart person should think is a coincidence after seeing how support covers up for the Chinese League Cheating and glitch hacking. Screenshots are below. 














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Atleast limit the distance waffen/ rebel troops can chase. For example:  Waffen mz troops should only stay within the mz’s turret range. Regardless if turret is alive or dead because it is there to defend not desert.  Also. Could you, the designers, explain how at 758 hours a player could be that strong?  If it’s the waffen trick could you please do what I suggest. Don’t do it for us players but do it for yourselves because there is not enough waffen mzs to go around. And don’t come back at to me with first come first serve. Just fix it. 

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I appreciate you guys responses. The difference is that we report these glitches and exploits whether we find them first or others do. I could’ve simply learned from them and did it myself and taught others only in GODz to benefit us in future battles. But instead I did the right thing by bringing it to attention of support. 

What I have realized though, is that Maxim is right. You commenter’s indifference is right. And I was wrong. 

None of this matters :) it’s just a game. And I don’t actually care anymore. I’ve done and accomplished pretty much everything there is to do in this game. And now I’ll just go find a different one. All of these problems and annoyances simply disappear immediately when I cut the game off. Watch as I make you all vanish and disappear with the flick of my finger lmao

you can have this glitchy flawed game that you resist fixing and correcting when problems arise. Enjoy! I’m out. 

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Fundamental truth guys . If there are not enough American and Chinese investors in this game who care about representing both countries view points on democracy and communism in a World War 2 setting then players  cannot  and should not play Chinese or American invested games. Why should players from either country be frustrated? We’re the Chinese strong enough during World War 2 to effect real change? We’re they instrumental monetarily in deciding that the Allies would win World War 2? Or is this game merely a reflection of how powerful Chinese corporations  are today and that if World War 2 was re- done ( God Forbid!) today that Chinese investors decisions on who would win that war would play out in the end?

So, maybe the truth is that WorldWarfare is needing more  American investors to effect change in the game , so they decide to make things more fair in Chinese corporate circles. This would mean that they are being unfair to Americans to get more investors/ donations.

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