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World Warfare
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Smaller league maps


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I’d like to see a few different smaller maps with max 10 person leagues instead of the normal 20 person. These have the potential not to lag as much as the larger maps, make training of newer players easier and give solo players the chance of getting some decent scores on their account.

Yes I know there are players out there that can do well on the 270 maps going solo but remember we do have some younger players who don’t understand strategy’s and working within an experienced league and I’ve noticed in the short time quite a few players not coming back because they got their arse handed to them on a plate.

Also 2-3 day smaller maps fill the gaps between full blown 20/20 leagues that are out there who take over a bf within the first 36 hours, (not all of us are unemployed or at university and have to work for a living).


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