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World Warfare
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Season 10 Top Leagues!

Guest Manson1975

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Guest Manson1975


S10 of tournament is now over, let's take a look at the winners together!

Top five leagues in Silver cup: GODz,Killj0ysWrathofGODzCocidius一國兩制.

Top five leagues in Bronze cup: OccupationForce,保定军校,Undeicided,StrongFree2,Novorossiy.

Congratulation to all the winning Leagues, we are thrilled to see some new leagues make the list! Thank you all for the support and participation.

Top 5 leagues of Bronze Cup, Congratulations on your victory. You have been invited to join Silver Cup next season!

Leaders from TOP 5 leagues in Bronze and Silver Cup, please leave your BONUS REWARDS distributing list in the comments below or contact Administrators directly!(Please remember to make your list as soon as possible so we can make the delivery)


Champion of Silver Cup can also win a special medal!


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Hello This is MadCow, Deputy Leader of Undeicided , we got 3rd place in Brozne Cup and this is how we would like to distribute the rewards:

Cck: 20,000 gold, 2000 gems

MadCow: 20,000 gold, 2000 gems

Mellx: 20,000 gold, 2000 gems

SgtBaconBits:  20,000 gold, 2000 gems

HADES53:  20,000 gold,  2000 gems 

ironpower: 20,000 gold, 2000 gems

TimD:  20,000 gold, 2000 gems 

Jclay: 20,000 gold, 2000 gems 

The Remaining amount is to be distributed to the names mentioned above Equally.?

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This is N1ck6493 from StrongFree2 we got 4th place in bronze.                                                 MaximusDecimus:1000 gems.                   HaywoodJablowme:2000 gems.           Thebest:2000 gems                                 N1ck6493:2000 gems.                               Rip556:2000 gems.                                           xALPHAxPH:1000 gems.                                 KingMacArthur:500 gems.                           Robinsean10:500 gems.                       Distribute gold equally among the names above ,thank you

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I am Zeus leader of GODz (which finished rank 1 again in Silver Cup). For the 60,000 diamonds and 600,000 gold bonus pool, please distribute according to the list below: 



Season 10


ZeusTheLegend - No Rewards


Masterreid - 10,000 diamonds 100,000 gold


Slayer173 - 5,000 diamonds 50,000 gold


Layton33 - 5,000 diamonds 50,000 gold


AlexofMacedon - 5,000 diamonds 50,000 gold


Lopez950 - 5,000 diamonds 50,000 gold


AtlasRise - 5,000 diamonds 50,000 gold


Serphas - 5,000 diamonds 50,000 gold


IronWolfe - 5,000 diamonds 50,000 gold


Polack - 2,500 diamonds 25,000 gold


Sehren - 2,500 diamonds 25,000 gold


Demona - 2,500 diamonds 25,000 gold


WhiskeyGirl - 2,500 diamonds 25,000 gold


Nixo - 2,500 diamonds 25,000 gold


ManBearPig15 - 2,500 diamonds 25,000 gold

Please also give each of these players the Distinguished General bonus medal (fist with partial lightning bolt). If there are any questions about our list or instructions, please let me know. Thank you. 



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