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World Warfare
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I have a short and quick suggestion I remember back when I first started 2016 August 31st one day after my birthday I started playing World Warfare it was a hundred million times better than that game hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger mobile strike but anyways back to my point out of all the games that I have played there's always been a struggle between pay-to-play players and free-to-play players. This is one of the first games that I have ever played that I can see a free player having a very good chance at winning against pay-to-play players by using strategics and active teamwork but down to the nitty-gritty when I first started playing I remember purchasing a commander but I didn't use my debit card or even points that are earned on Google Play but I was able to purchase it using gold ever since then I have noticed that there has never ever been a time since then where you could purchase Commanders without swiping your credit card or for some others their parents credit cards so my suggestion is pretty simple I believe the devs should make in-game currency optional for buying Commanders and I wouldn't even be upset if the price of the commander was a little more in gold or diamonds and never received any discounts but just the fact that it would be something that someone could Aspire towards or strive  2 reach eventually with time and hard work as a free Claire My Philosophy has always been play quick matches build up resources and once I have saved enough then use those resources to play in tournament matches but with certain things only being it available two people that swipe a credit card it limits free players from being able to one day acquire those special abilities therefore making a gap in the Spectrum of pay-to-play and FreePlay now I know some people might say well if you play for free then you just trying to have fun and you don't really care about winning but that could not be further from the truth I am a very competitive person and I don't believe not having extra cash to spend on a game that I love should keep me from achieving my high goals that I set for myself please comment let me know what you think


Lord Business


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We have had this discussion before many times in other threads and my opinion remains the same. Generals are a nice to have, they certainly make life easier but are not a must have, in the sense that you can still play competitively without them.

However I whole heartedly agree with your point that we should have the option to purchase generals with Gold instead of only cash. The option to grind it out should be given to F2Pers so they can save their Gold to buy a General.

Just bare in mind that saving Gold is becoming increasingly more difficult with unit tech and the fairly new Class skills that are very Gold demanding the higher in the Tiers you go...

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