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World Warfare
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Season 9 final result!

Guest Manson1975

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Guest Manson1975


S9 of tournament is now over, let's take a look at the winners together!

Top five leagues in Silver cup: GODz,Killj0ysFluffyCakesCocidiusSpartan34.

Top five leagues in Bronze cup: SilVeRLeGioN,AXI0S,Windtalkers,BEY,TacticalSquad.

Congratulation to all the winning Leagues, we are thrilled to see some new leagues make the list! Thank you all for the support and participation.

Top 5 leagues of Bronze Cup, Congratulations on your victory. You have been invited to join Silver Cup next season!

Leaders from TOP 5 leagues in Bronze and Silver Cup, please leave your BONUS REWARDS distributing list in the comments below or contact Administrators directly!(Please remember to make your list as soon as possible so we can make the delivery)


Champion of Silver Cup can also win a special medal!



Let us take a look at the ranking board of S9 together:

Silver Cup Ranking of S9



Bronze Cup Ranking of S9



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In this tournament we had a different roster every single week. So lots of different GODz members helped. 


For the bonus diamonds/gold distribution to GODz please see the following list:


KingZeus - As is customary, I will donate my earned share of the rewards to other GODz members as a token of my appreciation for their dedication and efforts. Please send me the bonus medal, though. 


Layton33 - 10,000 diamonds/ 100,000 gold


Slayer173 - 10,000 diamonds/ 100,000 gold


Masterreid - 7,500 diamonds/ 75,000 gold


ESCROC - 2,500 diamonds/ 25,000 gold


IronWolfe - 2,500 diamonds/ 25,000 gold


AztecWarrior - 2,500 diamonds/ 25,000 gold


ProphetofTruth - 2,500 diamonds/ 25,000 gold


ProphetofRegret - 2,500 diamonds/ 25,000 gold


N1c3pl4y - 2,500 diamonds/ 25,000 gold


marshallG - 2,500 diamonds/ 25,000 gold


SenorFluff - 2,500 diamonds/ 25,000 gold


CommanderBurger - 2,500 diamonds/ 25,000 gold


NickFlyer - 2,500 diamonds/ 25,000 gold


Bullet4Breakfast - 2,500 diamonds/ 25,000 gold


xAlphaxPH - 2,500 diamonds/ 25,000 gold


Sehren - 2,500 diamonds/ 25,000 gold



Please also send every member of this list the medal with lightning bolt on dog tags (the GODz insignia) so that we always remember our incredible and hard fought victories in this tournament. 





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AXIOS should be split as follows...

RJ1 4k gems - 40k gold

GENBattleSkarz 4k gems - 40k gold

XknuckleheadX 4k gems - 40k gold

Dinjinn 4k gems - 40k gold 

Fyrfytr 4k gems - 40k gold

K9Archer 2k gems - 20k gold

Deadman88  2k gems - 20k gold




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