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World Warfare
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New Update: Commandos

Guest Manson1975

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Guest Manson1975


Our next update brings the following content:

  • New Unit: Commandos! Use Stealth to go behind enemy lines
  • New Map: Imperial Assault! Free the mainland from Imperial control
  • New Unit/Building Emotes: Express yourself on the Battlefield!
  • Fixed scrolling in the Officers menu
  • Fixed a bug that stopped units from expanding
  • Fixed a bug that dispatched resource transports to a ruined city
  • Optimized the issue that unit and city models may disappear
  • You may now purchase officers from the main menu
  • Other bug fixes and optimizations

New Unit: Commando 

Stealth Unit, can infiltrate enemy territory unseen. Researching Battle Tech allows them to specialize in targeting high value targets such as Artillery and AA Guns.

  1. 23659516_1789298264696329_2716138894853847840_n.thumb.jpg.e3ad8f1df8f3ea0f0bd45b849b680965.jpg


Stealth: Inflicting or taking damage will end Stealth. If this unit doesn't inflict or take any damage for 3 mins, it will enter stealth. When in Stealth does not automatically attack.

vs. Infantry  ★★★★                           Defense Type: Soldier    

vs. Vehicle   ★★★★★                         HP           ★        

vs. Armored ★                                  Defense         ★         

vs. Aircraft   —                                  Speed            ★★         

vs. Ship       —                                   Attack Range  ★★        

vs. Building  ★                                  Sight             ★   

Commandos in Stealth cannot be detected by enemy troops. To detect Commandos, you will need to research Battle Tech that allows the Recon Unit (Jeep) or your Commandos to detect enemy Commandos in Stealth. 


New Map: Imperial Assault

Invasion! The Imperial Enemy has swept through your defenses and has taken the heart of mainland China. The villages have been captured. The shores are blocked. The skies are conquered. Communication is cut. The Pacific Theater is under total occupation. Your only hope for survival is to reach the outskirts of the enemy’s grasp, capture resources, and regain tactical superiority. Move swiftly and push through the lines!



New Unit/Building Emotes

Let your opponents know how you feel with battle emotes and text. Each consumes 1 Bugle.






Happy Hunting Commander. We will see you on the battlefield!

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Regarding support for older Apple (iOS) devices, as the game has grown we have had to abandon support for devices that only support a 32bit Operating system, and that don't support the newer 64bit systems. Here is a breakdown of devices that do support 64bit:


(While you don't have to run on iOS 11 to play the game your device does need to support it)

We are deeply sorry that we did not warm our community about this change in advance. We had discussions internally that this change was coming but we had a breakdown in communication and did not catch that it was this update that would mark this change. While this was inevitable we apologize that it rolled out the way it did, we were planning on notifying you ahead of time and we failed to do so. 

Android devices work on a very different system and don't have the same kind of requirements that Apple devices do and so are not affected in the same way. 



We are aware of an issue affecting players that log into the game using the Google Play account system. We are actively investigating and will keep you updated as soon as we learn more. Our apologies for the inconvenience, this issue is our #1 priority right now.

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