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World Warfare
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Bugs lag and more game modes


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So I haven’t been on forms for a while but I have been playing a very long time and I really think you guys should fix the lag it’s really pissing people off now I know it’s not internet cause I have the fastest I can get and I still lag on top of that the bugs need to be worked on and some more things to the game like game modes maybe like league vs league short battles like cup but between 2-4 leagues it would draw more attention to the game also in some battles restrict certain troops it will throw experience players like me off needing to find a new edge it would give the game alittle twist in battle also I know there is a lot of sister leagues out there godz have 4 for an example but for bronze cup some leagues are farming points off new players others trying to get into silver with the main league there is one league I think it’s a German one called silver legion they have farmed cup 3 times now it is shooting down the hope of smaller leagues and unfair to many that they farm the points from new players and small leagues I wouldn’t be complaining but this is the third time under a new league they made to do it world Warfare is losing players and fast because these reasons I love this game and I don’t wanna see it die yet 

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