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World Warfare
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WeFew league dominates a GODz team in normal battlefield


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The new (reborn) GODz league has won virtually every battlefield entered with a large team that we have played over the past 5 or so months. It has been a great accomplishment and a lot of fun. But that streak of success is now over. The WeFew league led by MKV, SnakeEater, Corax, Drone, EasyEight, Carlos, and WeThunk has defeated the GODz league in a dominant show of force this week. Even though they only had 8-9 players plus some alts... they beat a GODz team of 17-18 players. Even though GODz led in first place for the first 6 days of the map, the WeFew team dominating in PVP fighting nearly from start to finish. And overwhelmed our team with their skill and talent. Hats off to WeFew for a great victory. If anyone has any screenshots from the battlefield please post them here so that I can remember this map and use it to motivate myself to be better if/when I come back. In the meantime I will be taking a break from the game and from GODz. This loss was due, in part, to my failure as a leader. And so I will step aside indefinitely. 

To all that I have fought with or against... thanks for the fun time and exciting memories :) 



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