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World Warfare
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Maintenance & Update on August 23rd

Guest Manson1975

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Guest Manson1975


The server will go down for maintenance at 8 am UTC 1 am PDT. Expected downtime will be approximately 3 hours. Keep your troops safe before you log out. Please update this game in App Store/Google Play after the maintenance. Thank you.

What's new: 

  • New feature: aircraft carriers now have attack capabilities.
  • Added a new feature in which players’ cities can provide morale boost to their troops.
  • Added two new units: the Flak 36 and the Flak 41.
  • Added a brand new map called “The Kill Chain”.
  • Fixed a bug in which the timer would reset when capturing or pacifying.  
  • Fixed a bug where some information in personal resource transport was missing.
  • Fixed a bug where the league approval page would freeze from having too many approvals.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented resources from returning to players after players dismissed units.
  • Optimized the tournament respawn feature, i.e. when players respawn in a city, the city won't have shield.
  • Optimized the notification settings.
  • Fixed other bugs and optimizations.

Maintenance is complete! The new map is available!

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