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World Warfare
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Small Suggestions = Big Difference


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I have noticed after playing for a while that coordinating a team can be somewhat difficult due to not having access to easier tools for coordination. I've come up with just a few suggestions that could make a good impact on the frustrations that can come from coordination and what is usually the downfall of the typical coordination.

1. Estimated time to start

     I've seen many times where there is confusion on what time the battlefield will be started with a team, usually in regards to time zones. To counter this, simply add a function to the league team screen on the main screen that can be set by the leader for what day and time they plan to start. The time will reflect the leader's time zone and change in accordance to other team member's time zones on their devices. This removes the confusion and makes a healthier experience for team play.

2. Notifications

     This is mainly for the people that don't check their mail or messages on a regular basis. A league officer should have the option to send a notification (possibly on a cooldown to avoid spam) to individuals in the league rather than the entire league itself. Also, there could be the ability to send a notification within the league team as well.

3. Alliance teams

    Like league teams, players would be put into their own pool of players for a battlefield. Some leagues like to go into battlefields with eachother and there is a chance they could enter different battlefields. This can cause frustration especially when they have been planning this for days. The alliance teams should have league teams segmented into them (no more than 20 players per league to avoid stacking) and the diplomacy while in game can change the same way they would otherwise. Possibly even put alliance teams against one another to even the playing field.



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