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World Warfare
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The Nebelwerfer


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One interesting weapon system not yet mentioned was the Nebelwerfer. Originally designed as a mortar system, Nebelwerfer translates to "Smoke Mortar" which the Germans used as a disinformation tactic. Obviously with any weapon system, over time it was upgraded and improved with newer variants. The one in particular I want to focus on is the 15cm Nebelwerfer 41. 

Let me introduce to you the "Screaming Mimi/Moaning Minnie" 


By the time the 15cm variant was released, the Wehrmacht had already experimented with rockets for almost two decades prior with the rocket development reaching its fruition in the late 1930s. By the time the German Army concluded the Battle of France in 1940, the first 15cm was delivered with a purpose designed rocket of gas, smoke and a high-explosive warhead. 

This weapon system was produced in significant numbers throughout WW2 reaching an approximate number built around 6000. The weapon itself was manned by a 6 person crew and could fire a variety of rockets ranging from strictly gas, smoke or HE to a mixture of those. Aside from being manned by a team of 6, the system itself had a 6 rocket launcher on top of a Pak 36 carriage making it easily towable. 

Here we can see Red Army soldiers inspected abandoned 15cm Nebelwerfers after the Battle of Stalingrad in 1942. Now I'm the Battle of Stalingrad we also can see the Katyusha playing a role on the Soviet side, so both armies were lobbing rockets at each other with their own versions. Below is a few Katyusha's firing a salvo during the Battle of Stalingrad. 


All in all since we have seen the introduction of the Katyusha, the Nebelwerfer could be a good contender for an earlier tier troop since it is a infantry based weapon system requiring a team to operate just like the Bofors and Artillery currently seen in game. This Rocket Artillery troop may be a good segue way at those higher munition factory levels and for those players without a league or unable to access a monument, this could be more up there alley. Also if this is introduced into the game, for the love of all things holy, included the actual historical audio file of the Nebelwerfer because the sound is truely distinct. 

 Seeing as though most of the in-game units have mainly covered almost all spectrums of World War 2 era units, this is definitely one of the hidden treasures no one really thinks about until the moan of rockets looms upon you. Even as I type this I can hear in my mind the distinct whoosh of the rockets going off because I remember them in Company of Heroes. 

Remember these key factors though so do not perceive this to be a godlike unit. Based on historical references, after the tubes were loaded, the crew had to take cover about 10-15 meters away to keep from being hurt by the back last of the rockets. It is a crew based system, not a vehicle so it will be slow and vulnerable. 

Above is a video to see the system in action. 




cause ya know when the app crashes while your posting....

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