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World Warfare
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WW3 Simulation Map idea


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d1Hey guys, as you know that their has been plenty of ideas for maps or bfs and stuff, ive made a idea and to me its a pretty decent experiment to try.

I was wondering if we (worldwarfare admin and devs) Could try and make a new map that could resamble a WW3 simulation morethen likley in europe and asia conbined (Eurasia) That would have 6 leauges with similar ranks picking an avaible nation that i would think it should be USA Britan, and France Vs Russia China And (cant think of another nation sry) But the war should be politically accurate. For USA Britan and france, USA should have the rest of europe not controlled by britan and france, britan should contral all of UKs land and Norway, and france controls what they already have and sweden. For the other side Russia shall have the land they already control and china should have what they already control and finland. And their should be sectors that count not citys by them selves counting as something, Like say USA and the leauge representing them Could take 20 citys from russia, that would be a sector. Also certain nations will havw certain amount of sectors Britain should have 20 sectors France have 30 USA also have 30, russia have 50 china have 35 and whoever yall cam thinknof can have a certain amount, My opinion 1 sector ahould be 15-20 citys. Since USAs side clearly has less land they should give them an advantage by giving them arnments of 2 gigs per person in the side, And their should be ten people from one leauge representing one nation. The idea i say is rough and not much detail and it may n3ed to be fixed some, but to me it would be a very fun part to the game. Thank you and Have fun.

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