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World Warfare
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I am a new player but I would love to see these units added...

Submarines: These should definitely be added. To make it fair, they should do massive damage to ships and be able to submerge. Perhaps only destroyers/certain aircraft can attack them while submerged to reflect the use of depth charges. They should also be slow, have little health, and have a small amount of food, ammo, and fuel. This could be balanced to reflect real life where subs could easily sink an enemy ship with surprise and a few well placed torpedoes while also being very vulnerable and slow when discovered. I am drooling while imagining the German tactic of Wolf Packs right now.

Infantry:You should create other kinds of infantry such as anti-tank, mortars for a deployable artillery, and perhaps if I am really lucky you will make flamethrowers for anti building. These should still be weaker than their vehicle cousins though. For example, anti-tank infantry should still lose in a 1-1 fight with a tank, however 2 anti-tank infantry should be able to take out a light tank unit. The balance is that only infantry can be used as paratroopers. (for the history buffs out there: yes I know armies used gliders to drop in heavier equipment in WW2 but I think this should not be used for game)

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