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World Warfare
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New Officer: Charles Portal


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A new officer I had in mind was Charles Portal. Marshall of the Royal Air Force during World War 2. He was a strong advocate of area bombing and took over as head of the RAF during the Battle of Britain.


I was thinking that since he was a "strong advocate of area bombing" he could give stat boosts to Bombers and Strategic Bombers. His max level would be 15, and would be the $30 officer for only affecting 2 units, both the bomber units. Here are what I was thinking for the stats that would be boosted (from lvl 1 to lvl 15(max)

Attack vs Infantry: +1% - +25%

Attack vs Vehicle: +1% - +25%

Attack vs Vehicle: +1% - +25%

Ammo Max: +1%- +15%

Movement Speed: +1% - +20%

Fuel Max: +5% - + 25%

Food Max: +5% - +30%





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