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World Warfare
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New Infantry Units


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As we all know, units like howitzers and Bofors and AT guns are classified as "Infantry" defense type. But there is really only one true infantry unit in the game and it is called Infantry. They are completely useless except for the fact that they let you capture admin areas. At the same time almost every other unit is some plane, vehicle, or ship. So I have some ideas for actual infantry units to step out onto the scene and add some more variety into the game.

1. Sniper Infantry (costs 1300 fortune, 500 population to train in level 1 army base) 

Armament: Lee Enfield Sniper Rifle (costs 1025 fortune, 400 steel in level 1 munitions factory)

Description: Used to counter other infantry units from long range.


Infantry: 5 stars. 800 attack at level 1, 1300 attack at level 45 (max level)

Vehicle: 2 stars. 200 attack at level 1, 450 attack at level 45 (max level)

Armor: 1 star. 100 attack at level 1, 250 attack at level 45 (max level) 

Cannot attack air or navy units

Range: 250

Power/Health: 1150 at level 1, 2125 at level 45 (max level)

Move: 1.1

Unlocked at level 9 munitions factory

This is my first idea for a new infantry type unit that is truly actual infantry. I have more ideas that will be posting in the near future. Tell me what you guys think of the sniper infantry. Thanks, and go wage war people :D

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Bonjour... oui type snyper mettrais enfins l'infentrie un peux mieux classe... autre chose... les fortereste, ons vois sur se genre de bombardiez des mitailleuse p50 si je me souviens... pourquoi ne pas mettre une faible deffence avec une mittrailleuse sur les fortereste?  Et une autre idee... je sait pas si ca peux etre realisable... mais les evolution avec les piece d'or pour les unitez, lvl 45 ces le max... pourquoi ne pas faire apres se lvl 45 passez en niveau 2... comme exemple sherman qui passe a une etape suivante comme un com que j'ai vue plus haut... ca serais vrmt interressant de changez et de ne pas voir les meme unitez sur chaque champ... sinon voila encore tres beau travail... moi je suis vraiment fan comme beaucoup d'autres lol... bonne continuation.

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