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World Warfare
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is this fare ? respect is very important


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i previously post few posts about beginners because beginners are like babies. They dont no how to play. i am very positive on beginners

while i was going to cap a city i saw a beginner he isn't joined in any leagueScreenshot_2017-03-05-13-17-14.png

i sent a personal msg, he gave no response i think he is offline in few seconds he started upgrading his village towers. i send friend req and send a mail. i asked him do you like to join he gave silly one word msg. i gave him 5 min before attacking his city. In 5 min he build 6 aa to kill my troops lol. i started attacking his city.

his city level is level 10 and his turrets are 2 level 1 and level 3 (this is why i asked him to join, so that our team can give training)
while i am attacking he started abusing on mails Screenshot_2017-03-05-13-15-00.png

is this fare ?


is this game ?? play with troops dont play with bully words

This is world war fare

This is not word war fare


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I understand, I used to get mad in a different way (called people out for triple teaming a low lvl player, gemmers, etc). Unfortunately those are the only ways I usage lost lol. But I've come to realize that all you gotta do is just get into those 1v1 situations (which I seem to win every time) and then pull back once you are in a 1v2 or greater. 

I do agree with you, that guy was pretty dang cocky and ignorant and had was not thinking. 

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