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World Warfare
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Marshall Suggestion


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Marshall may be a bit op atm. I don't have a problem with a person gemming pacify and/or buying shields, (Other than abusing the shield glitch which needs to be fixed asap) that's all part of the game. Before Marshall, however,  there was a way to counter those items (once again, other than the glitch). Now, not so much.

Id like to suggest a solution for Marshall: Diminishing Returns.

Put a timer on a completed pacify, and each subsequent pacify before the time runs out gives 25% less bonus and reset the timer. This should be per building, not per zone. This will allow a player who is trying to delay a city capture by gemming pacify to do so, but not indefinitely. So after the course of 2 or 3 gemmed pacifies, the normal counters to this would work.

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