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World Warfare
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A new game mode


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Okay ive said this before i feel itd be cool for the devs to make a mode were you can have like 3 leagues at the bottom of the map and ss and rebels everywere else and the rebels and ss at a certain rate attack you and your goal is to help eachother fight  back the enemy and push forward ,ss hqs should turn into league citys after you kill them ,all humans are allied, alot of people want to just fight the ss ive seen it alot snd i feel this would be a fun game it could last a week and a half or could be a coustum alliance thing were you plan these and invite alliances to join your gamemore in reply.\/

I feel this would just be fun to do not nessecaryaly a conpetition but as kind of a way to have fun build team work and learn how to use certain troops

Please just reply if u veiw this 

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