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World Warfare
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Current issues with all the units


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This is just a list of all the things wrong with the units


  • the bombers should have anti-air capability
  • sometimes the units get too closed and start go back at a in-game speed of 60miles per minute
  • the battleships and the carriers all should have anti-air capability like the cruisers
  • anti tank guns can also deal damage to infantry and vehicle if loaded with a HE round
  • the tank destroyer should come before heavy tank
  • c'mon... anyone going to explain all those units I found in the game's file
  • SPAA shouldnt be a premium unit and can be produced at any city
  • shouldn't there be a mini SPG
  • Katyusha doesn't make sense dealing that much damage to ships and buildings... it should do more against buildings instead of ships
  • I like the tutorial better than the real thing
  • why does the recognisance plane have AA capability
  • can't the bombs be remodelled and made spread a bit more? it now just looks like V-2s being dropped out of a bomber.
  • where are the missiles
  • why isn't the jet fighter a ME-262
  • why is the tank destroyer ain't something like a M12(?) Hellcat
  • why is the SPG ain't something like a Brummbar or Sturmntigar
  • since its units from all nation. why isn't the Japanese ships (the best navy in the world before USA got their hands on the ships) no where to be seen...


fo see see my other posts... apart from this all other post of mein are well informed and detailed... the developers are actually considering one of them

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