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World Warfare
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Add Armor cars as League City scout type troop


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It would be awesome to see armored cars introduce to this game. They were excellent recon vehicles and used in large numbers throughout the war. They would be an excellent addition to the League City armament lineup. The 3 I would say to choose from are as follows.

There are no British armaments currently available. Not counting the Fighter which is actually a Spitfire but it is supposed to represent a P-51.


So I recommend as my first choice be the British made Humber Armored Car.  



My next choice would be the U.S. M8 Greyhound.



Lastly the German SDFKZ 234 Puma.



Anyone of these would be awesome and bring a little more variety to the Game by adding an advanced recon type troop to the League City lineup.

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