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World Warfare
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Share Us Your Wish List!

Guest Manson1975

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On 12/19/2016 at 7:38 AM, Guest Manson1975 said:
In WWII history, lots of officers showed their extraordinary military talents. Without them, history may become entirely different. To honor them and increase the diversity of game play, we introduced officer system where each officer owns unique abilities.
Who is your favorite officer among them? Who do you want to see most in future version? Share us your answer and wish list to get free Diamonds!!! oo
1. Each participant will get 500 Diamonds!
2. You will get Extra 500 Diamonds if your ideas for new officers are adopted!
Duration:  Dec 19th- Dec 26th UTC
To Participate:
1. Tell us your favorite officer among that we offered and tell us why you like him most.
2. Share us your wish list for new officers(5 officers at most). Tell us why you put him on your wish list. A detailed description is a must including: What is he famous for during WWII? What could be his special ability in the game? Etc. 
3.Leave us your commander name.
1. Please comply the requirements and participate within duration or your post will be seen as invalid. 
2. Reward for each participant will be sent via in-game mail within 72 hours.
3. Extra rewards will be sent when new set of officers are out.

So what are you waiting for? Join us in the conversation now! :571f47921950f_QQ20160426184724:

Erwin Rommel

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Josip Broz Tito, leader of the biggest and most succesful resistance movement against Nazi Germany and Facist Italy. At the start, The Partisan Movement was purely militia, with no serious training nor equipment. In mid-war, supplys started being sent by Allies. They didn't get supplys before becouse former government (Kingdom of Yugoslavia) was convincing Allies Chetniks were real resistance, even thoe it was a fact Chetniks cooperated with puppet state of ISC (NDH) and ocupators (Nazi Germany and Facist Italy). Before Soviets came to help, Partisans occupied more around 50%.

Addon to my last post: Tito also escaped paratroper attack (500. Falschrimjäger division) in smal town of Drvar. His HQ was stationed there, being in a cave. The HQ was prorected by 2. Officer Academy students which were later in the fight aided by the 3. Army of Lika. The FJ tought the HQ was in town itself, as it was so heavy defended. Tito menaged to flee on time. 

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I personally like douglas MacArthur because of what he did in the war and he increases the stats of my favourite troops 

I would like to see 

Konstantin Rokossovsky (1896 –  1968) Marshall of the Soviet Union. Rokossovsky was responsible for planning and executing Operation Bagration between June and August 1944. This broke the resolve of the German army and led to major Russian advances on to the edges of the Third Reich. His ability could be increasing health and damage on all tanks 
Herman Goring (1893 – 1946) Goring was a committed Nazi, who founded the Gestapo in 1933. He was made Commander of the Luftwaffe and was influential in managing the German economy. He lost favour with Hitler after the massive Allied bombing in the later part of the war. His ability foulness be increasing resource production 

Vasily Zaytsev (1915 – 1991) Russian sniper who fought during the desperate Battle of Stalingrad. Zaytsev killed 225 enemy soldiers during the battle He could have an ability to increased damage and range on infantry 

douglas Nader  One of Britain’s top flying aces, who shot down at least 22 aircraft during the Battle of Britain and after. Even more remarkable since he lost both legs in an accident pre-war. Ability could be more damage for jets and fighters 

Charles Whittlesey An attorney by trade, Major Charles Whittlesey later made his name as the uncompromising commander of the so-called “Lost Battalion,” an American unit that became stuck behind German lines. On October 2, 1918, the bookish and bespectacled Whittlesey led his men into hostile territory as part of a coordinated offensive in the Argonne Forest. But due to poor communication, his unit crossed the rough terrain too swiftly and was soon cut off and enveloped by German forces.ability could be give all infantry and maybe tanks an increased defence and maybe health and max food ammo and gas 

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