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World Warfare
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Most Effective Way to Clear a City?


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Well my strategy currently is to send in either medium or heavy tanks, (or even super tanks if you have any) and then move in assault guns too. Everything must target the city's turrets, and also bring along artillery in transport planes and use them to either hit the turrets or burn any attacking troops, because of its AOE. Also, i tend to send in a few jeeps to deal with infantry just in case because they are very fast and very effective vs infantry. 

Also, bombing might be a good strategy as long as its followed by a land attack as well. Send in alot of bombers and they will do major damage for a short amount of time, whilest also acting as a meat-shield. Whilest all the fire is on the bombers, get your land forces closer to the turrets so they can start attacking too. The bombers will not need to hang around for long before the first turret is dead. Once it is, move your bombers back and rely on your meat-shields to take the hits whilest your dps units (assault guns, artillery) deal major damage to the turrets.

This strategy seems to work for me, but if you lose the majority of your meat-shields, PULL YOUR DPS BACK and make a full retreat with all your units. Because your long ranged dps units are still alive, you can counter any counter-attack your enemy may be considering after your attack on their city.

I hope this helps a little, and i'm still a little rusty on tactics, so i would love anyone else to say their tactics too.

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i’ve got 2 for ya:


use commandos to sneak into the city and see the defenses. commandos are super good against artillery so they’ll help attack very well. then using large transports drop the best tanks you have into the core, then off to the side, airdrop your stugs and your artillery. target turrets and troops first.


this one is short and sweet. as many Avro Lancasters as you can make and a few ju junkers or SBD dauntless. send the lancasters on the turrets because of the building attack and the other planes on troops. then airdrop as many M40’s and you can make to deal with the defending forces and to protect the city once destroyed. Hope This Helps!

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