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World Warfare
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League leaders or Deputy Leaders post the date and start times of the next Battlefield start for your league. The Following is the format to be followed simply for clarity. Cut and paste the example then enter your information.



League: Your league Name

Date: Tuesday, 1 December 2016

Time entering: 2100 Hrs UTC. (All times need to be server or Universal Time Coordination) 

Venue: Global, Isles, or Cup

Participants: 16 (How many your league is entering with)

Allied invites: Any league you wish to Ally with.

Challenge Invites: Any league or leagues you wish to challenge.

RSVP by Quoting and replying with # of participating members and any allied leagues that will accompany you.


I have placed the declaring of allies for the purpose of being open and to prevent the accusations of backstabbing. This is for fair and competitive game matching not luring people into ambushes. Nothing settles a grudge like a fair and open challenge. Good Luck and let the games begin. 


Note to Admin

Can you clear and archive the post on this thread when the date of challenge has past. It would be much easier to navigate if the thread is cleared of matches that has already started and can no longer be entered. But placed where they can be referenced later for settling any disputes. And remove this note also. Thanks.

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On 1/16/2017 at 5:44 PM, KapitanSkorzeny said:

Heres a one on one challenge directed directly to brutaldestiny of cocidius...rules r as follows u and i only no gems anytime anywhere and ill throw it down like this without ur gems and ur team to hide behind u r a mediocre player at best so just let me know and my friend snake eater can b the ref that way no one cheats 

If your putting in rules, you've already lost. 

Pro tip: World Warfare is a team game!

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