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World Warfare
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S3-Battle On The Way!


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Tournament Season 3 will be open at 10:00 pm on Nov. 11th UTC. Barring unforeseen events, Tournament will open on the second Friday of every other month since then. Battle will be on soon! 
Duration: 10:00 pm UTC on Nov. 11th-Dec 3rd. 
Unique Champion Flag for Top 1 League.
            Silver Cup                           Bronze Cup
LF1.png     LF2.png
Champion Medal for all members in Top 1 League.
             Silver Cup                          Bronze Cup
S1.png     S2.png
Medal of Honor for all members in Top 2-5 Leagues.
              Silver Cup                         Bronze Cup
S3.png     S4.png
Each participant will get Battlefield Rewards when completing each round. 
All members in participating leagues will get Season Rewards according to the final ranking.
We also prepared great bonuses for these making outstanding contributions to league tournament. It is league leader who decides how to distribute it. Rewards will be sent to these excellent commanders via in game mail. Top 5 leagues in Silver and Bronze Cup will get following bonuses:

Meanwhile, Champion league in Silver Cup can choose one medal they like from following. This medal will also be sent via in-game mail. League leader decide on the distribution. 

These medals are: Bold Vision, Distinguished General, Delta Force, Wise Strategist.


To Participate:
-League leader or anyone with access to open a BF click Event-Tournament to form a League Team. 
-Other members join this League Team.
-With 6 participants, CINC can hit "Start Battle" then matching begins. It may take some time to match a BF. 
-Please make sure everyone enters battlefield manually within 2 hours after BF opens. 
l Silver Cup: 
1.Qualified leagues for Silver Cup last season
2.Top 5 leagues in Bronze Cup last season
l Bronze Cup: All the other leagues.
l A battlefield will open with at least 4 league teams matching together. 
l Each league can only have ONE team participate in the tournament.
l Each league team must have 6 participants.
l Opening Time: PST 14:00, EST 17:00, UTC 22:00 on Every Friday.
l Closing Time: PST 14:00, EST 17:00, UTC 22:00 on Every Saturday.
l Duration:  Nov. 11th-Dec 3rd  (Each round opens at every Friday, 4 rounds in total).
l Top 5 leagues in Bronze Cup will be invited to join Silver Cup next season.

Should you have any questions, please leave your comments under this thread. 


Don't forget the YouTube video event! Record your battles and share it away! 


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  • 4 weeks later...

For the 54,000 diamonds and 540,000 gold due to GODz please distribute the awards as follows


BloodandSteel - 18,000 diamonds and 180,000 gold

BladeGunner - 8,000 diamonds and 80,000 gold

ApolloOfGODz - 8,000 diamonds and 80,000 gold

PoseidonOfGODz - 4,000 diamonds and 40,000 gold

JPJ - 4,000 diamonds and 40,000 gold

Silent6 - 4,000 diamonds and 40,000 gold

KratosAurion - 4,000 diamonds and 40,000 gold

ETTT - 4,000 diamonds and 40,000 gold



For the extra medal you can give us the one with the Dynamite since that's the best looking one. But most of us already have them all already anyway.

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Guest Manson1975
15 hours ago, KingCB said:


Coming right up:)

Only Champion league of silver cup will get a special medal, but you forgot to name one last season, we will send the delayed medal to commanders you mentioned. :)

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