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World Warfare
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With isles of war seemingly occurring more often now (I hope) I would like to bring up the idea of flagships for navies during the isles events. 

What this would do is allow you to dictate a single ship in your armada to be the flagship of your navy which would then be the equivalent of a lvl 2 ship. And if you lvled up this ship to 5 it would be the equivalent of a lvl 6. Requiring armaments to repair it and getting a boost to stats at the same time. Also allowing one person be designated (by an in game vote) who amongst the officers should be allowed, or even just defaulting it to the cinc, to forfeit their own flagship for the leagues flagship. Which would get an even larger boost in stats.

And allow this for air units and ground units for a total of 3 "command" units each player can control. 


Addition: Make it so that you can o my make these units command units while they are in their respective naval, army, and air bases that way you can't randomly gain an advantage if you realize you're outgunned last minute

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