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World Warfare
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Abilities: Bomb, Barrage


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Hi all,


I have been brainstorming what could be added to change the dynamics of AoE effects to make them more realistic and bring some shock and awe back to the beasts of WW2.  My recommendations implement an ability that increases DPM for an affected area while increasing ammunition consumption and limiting it using timers, targets within affected area have movement penalty and decrease in their morale.

There is already a conspicuous button on the bombers (for what I do not know). Most players don't use it.  They simply attack target using the new system implemented during Beta (love it and keep it - not knocking it).  However, I would like to see that "Bomb" button take bombers to the next level.

Bombing Run: Bomber drops payload on target area until complete.  Damage increase to +20%, target morale decrease by 50%, targets in area movement penalty -20% (land and sea).  Duration 2 minutes.  Ammo consumption +50%. Cool down timer 30s.

I am no developer or programmer so I don't know how those parameters could be implemented.  But once implemented, they can easily be tweaked for balance.

Similar effects for artillery and ships called "Barrage".  Can be anywhere on map as long as troop can move within range (no LOS required), duration, cool down, damage boost, ammo consumption, effect on movement and morale similar.

What happens if they disengage, simple the cool down timer starts, effect on target ends.

i have other ideas regarding Cruisers AoE anti air, Subs/Torpedo air wrecking ships, and a new infantry ability that allows them to capture buildings that aren't destroyed just health below 25%.  Will post on those later.

Thanks and if you like the idea please thumb it.




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