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World Warfare
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New building ideas


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If anything nuclear where to be implemented into this game there should be uranium or plutonium mines. There could also be a laboratory that you could research and buff troops for example - 5% speed on tanks and it would cost money, population, and maybe steel (for you know testing as would happen in real life). The buffs would not carry on into future battlefields because it would be to OP then. There could also be radar which increases the range of turrets.  Also a torpedo launcher on a harbor that would do more damage to ships than a turret. Another idea like last one; a flak, could be placed on everything but rss zones and villages that would deal more damage to aircraft that the turret but only could target aircraft. Another idea is a bunker. The bunker could hold infantry and would deal as much damage as all the infantry but would have a max that could be upgraded.  

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