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World Warfare
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Hello Everyone!

I wanted to offer some feedback about the game. I think it's important to start by offering thanks and appreication to the developers, admins, and GMs. It seems like players complain a lot. But the truth is World Warfare really is a great game overall. Especially compared to many other games. The game staff listens to us. And even though things never seem to be perfect, we should at least give them credit for trying. 

With regards to the new update... Thanks for the new options in League Cities. It was so hard to find the correct city before but now sorting to select a city you want to send resources to is easier than ever. The new "League Chat" is a good addition also for allowing us to communicate better with our entire team. 

Areas of concern i have seen from my members and allies are as follows:

-Why was allied chat removed? A GM just posted a thread last week about the importance of allies working together. Different leagues coming together and working in teams IS the most effective solution available now to fight back against situations where otherwise players have no chance to win. Less than one week after several teams work together to defeat the Chinese league... The developers remove allied chat which would make working as a team with other leagues more difficult? Strange decision there, and none of us can figure out why developers would do that except maybe they dont like leagues working together and being able to communicate in an allied chat. It's much better to have allied chat and the new League chat. Please work on it. 

-Chat in general, the badge notifications are not showing up for private messages. Sometimes chat isnt sending properly (a little red X shows up to re-send). Sometimes chat disappears and then shows up later. 

-Amethyst, so far we don't like this addition. At first, we thought it was implemented to help address player concerns of too much diamonds and spending for advantage. But instead, it seems it has an oppoiste effect. Now players cannot save up rewards from normal battlefield like daily individual rankings and the relatively inexpensive daily subscription bonus to amass large numbers of diamonds and then use them when needed the most (in intense battles at League Tourney for example). There have been times when ive had more than 20,000 diamonds but only spent $30 on subscription and nothing more. Just saved them up day after day. Amethyst appears designed to make sure that cant happen anymore. And to drive more spending on the other diamond purchase options for anyone who wants to use lots of tactics (which is the number 1 thing that good players use gems for). During a time when many players are already frsutrated by the high spending from a select few. I think developers should focus on solutions that help casual gameplay instead of discourage it. 

-Every hour im receiving a notification that rebels are attacking my capital city. This is annoying and useless. I think players already let developers know we dont like rebel tanks spawning close enough to our cities to attack us and give us unneccessary alerts or trouble. Keep them on the perimter pleasee. I will post a screenshot to show how annoying and ridiculous this is. 


With regards to spending in general. I'd like to say that many players are complaining about something that isnt as big of a problem as they think it is. We have besten the Chinese league, and lost to them. They do spend a lot, but they are also extremely skilled and well-coordinated. If you take gems away from the game altogether, the top leagues will still be the top leagues. Playing a lot, and high skill/ability are more important than gems. A player with 200,000 gems on his acct who can play 5 hrs a day will lose every time to a player who is highly skilled, can play 12 hours a day, has zero gems, but teammates who can help him. 

Spending is important for any game. The developers and admins work hard and should be rewarded by our support. The cost of a subscription ($30) amounts to about a dollar a day. I get more entertainment and enjoyment from this game than i do from cable TV, yet my cable bill is 3-4 times higher than anything I spend here. Also, its a fact that being active and highly skilled and able/willing to coordinate with allies can allow you to defeat any gemmer or gemmer league like the Chinese. So lets stop complaining so much, enjoy the game, support the game, and thats all i have to say about things right now :) 


have a nice day everyone and always remember... GODz FTW !


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