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League city resource tracker


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Now lately a lot of people have been crunching their own numbers trying to figure out certain things. Well I've been doing some crunching of my own, but this version sucks lmao. 

Recently my league has been tracking resources into and out of the League Cities. Now the way Ive been doing this is under the resource logs you have 2 different ways of seeing what is donated by whom and to where. One log is when it's sent, the other is when it's received. 

I make one list per league city isolating that particular one. So if my leave has 3 league cities, I have 3 lists. LC 1 LC 2 and LC 3. If I donate to LC 1 but not 2 or 3 then my name only goes under LC 1. If Joe donates to LC2 and LC3 but not LC1 then then his name goes under LC2 and LC3, etc. 

Now I total up all of the resources that were sent, by who, into this list. So say I make 3 donations to LC1 of 50k fortune 2k steel 2k rubber and 2k oil each my overall donations to LC1 are 150k 6k steel 6k rubber and 2k oil. 

Know say Joe sends resources totaling 50k steel to LC2 and 20k rubber to LC3. Those donations remain separate, they don't combine because he can't use the steel he sent to LC2 at LC3.

Now when either myself or Joe take armaments out of the league city the cost of that armament is then subtracted from our overall donations (I have a chart for what costs what as well) out of that particular League City. Now being negative does t stop us from allowing you to take out of the League City, we just send a message waning that that person is becoming low in their donations to whatever League City it is, if they're having an issue because they had their army wiped or whatever the case may be we'll talk about it and see what we can do. 

Know when it comes to upgrades at the LC the total cost in resources required to get what was made at the LC is divided by the number of people who have donated to that LC and equally subtracted from everyone's donations. So if we have upgrades/buildings that cost us a total of 12k steel and 2k oil with 4 people donating to that LC then everyone's donations up until that point are subtracted by 3ksteel and 500 oil. 


Now I like having this because it keeps everyone honest. And if there truly is a problem you know where it lies and can find it quickly. 


However, this his is a pain in the ass for a few reasons. If you have a decent sized/skilled league you know just how many times people are donating to the LC (last field I deleted almost 1,000 snapshots I took of different donations so I could delete the log and still calculate who had what). It's also extremely time consuming but I am happy to do it if it means we don't have have anyone cheating the system. But here's the thing, these logs can be deleted by ANYONE. And regularly just vanish, almost like they delete themselves (I'm the only one that has permission in my league to delete these since I'm the one logging them)


I think it would be a lot more streamlined and more efficient if under these logs we can do something similar to this, that only resets between each field that we can look over what we donated and if we were negative that field and by how much, and also make it so that only officers in that field can view everyone's donations otherwise you can only see yours. It would also be nice because then the leagues that don't have the time to dedicate towards doing all of this can still get the benefits of it if they discover an issue they're having. 

But even just giving us this chart at all (and not making it restrictive to who can see it which would be a completely different programming issue) shouldn't be too bad to program considering it's just basic equations based off of input that's restricted by preprogrammed variables and shouldn't add much in the way of storage issues either because of how lightweight this could be made. 

Now I don't have pictures of my charts with me (I'm at work) but I will provide them shortly after posting this, just need to get to my laptop. 

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Very very well written my friend. I'm down to help crunch some for ya from my end. Small team over here and actually we've been doing a few things like you said at the start. With us only having 5 or 6 on the team we can easily monitor the intake and outtake of the LC and we've been slowly working on things as we've progressed. 

Have it to where whenever someone is contemplating a donation we communicate in the chat of what's needed or what is being thrown in. It's become habit here, it may be for everyone else also, but we call out what we're making so no accidental takes of arms produced but since the log can be iffy we know who has donated what so since we're small we can have individuals donating a certain resource. Obviously we've only been working with one LC at a time but have started tossing another into the fray. 

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6 hours ago, Florian said:

Do you think there should be a separate place for each LCs information on the main battlefeild screen?

Imo yes. Most people (from what I've seen) only stick with one particular LC even if their league has 5 and unless it's cash yu can't use resources from one LC at a different LC. However there can be an option to see overall donations instead of just which LC it was, if some would rather look at it that way. 

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