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World Warfare
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Game improvements


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Hello all thought I'd toss out some ideas for improvements to help the game.


First for leagues:

1. Increase league size again this time to 60, with the influx of new players it opens opportunities for larger leagues.

2. Add two or three  more rank levels in memberships, make us able to name our ranks

3. Under approval should be two sections one for requests and one for outstanding invites, allowing us to cancel invites that are outstanding

4. League log should show who invited or approved a member, or removed one.


League cities/commercial centers

1. When selecting a person to ship to the following changes should be made.  First separate league members and allies.  When scrolling to selecnwe should be able to scroll up and down for the persons name and then side to side for the persons city, it will make selecting cities far easier.  Therefore let's say I have twenty members in a field and I scroll down to select Yoshi, then scroll to see his cities.  Something along these lines select person then see their cities whoever you what to implement it.



add back the gold cup, make it a different map smaller scale of the isles map.  Make capitals produce taxes like golden empire.  Make one league city convertible to a gold mine only allowed towers as outer buildings, central structure is a large gold mine.  Rewards are mostly gold base not diamond.  Build times reduced by thirty percent.  No diamonds at all, or restricted to two thousand a day.  Solves the bigges complaints and gives a fun option to encourage its use.

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7 hours ago, Florian said:

Well done! Totally agree with this except one thing, Diamonds should be banned all in tournament. Tournament is to show who is the best without outside resources.

I don't like to wait for those 2 minutes in the begging of the game. It really is annoying. And then you get other stuff to worry about.

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Excellent update to transport function.  Love the new map, especially with using air trans at level 5 commerce.  I would like to address the gold mine idea.  Would it be possible for LC to have a gold mine as an annex building.  Only available at Monument lvl 1?  Similar tech requirement was implemented for bringing back the Katyusha.  Now all one would need is a model and similar coding to other res generating annexes.  Who would get gold?  Gold collected cannot be lost or used during battle.  It would be evenly distributed among the league members as a battlefield reward rounded down to the nearest 1.0.  I would also like to see the abilities to donate resource zones to an LC that is connected (w/i the LC's control area).  But that may be for another day.

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I'd like to see more troop types. No Abram tanks?  We have only one type of jet fighter. Also, turrets in cities seem really weak against attacks and have too long of a range. Lastly, I agree on no gems during league/ tournaments. They detract from the game. If you're not good enough to defend/attack without them, get better

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