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World Warfare
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Military Academy- Tactic Instructions


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1. What is Tactic

Tactic, what you can deploy in battlefields, is able to bring buff to your own buildings and troops or bring debuff to enemies’ buildings and troops, or even call for reinforcements!

2. How to learn Tactic

You can learn Tactic in Tactic interface in Headquarter; player has three default learned Tactics. You can choose to learn one Tactic out of three Tactics after leveling up your commander( the rest 2 Tactics cannot be learned anymore).

3. How to deploy Tactic

Tactic can only be deployed in battlefields.

View all available Tactics by clicking on “Tactic” button; click on Tactic that you want to deploy and choose a target place or a certain troop, then click on “OK” to make it effective.

4. Restricted conditions for deploying Tactics

All Tactics should have a target (a place or a certain troop); Tactic can be effective while target is correctly chosen.

All Tactics have cooldown time; you cannot deploy Tactic when it is cooling down.

All Tactics cost Tactic Points; you are able to deploy Tactics when you have enough Tactic Points. 

5. How to deploy newly learned Tactic in ongoing battle

All available Tactics are those you learned before entering the battlefield.

You can deploy newly learned Tactic after the battlefield has been updated.

Your Tactics in battlefield will keep consistent with your learned Tactics after every battlefield update.

6. What is Tactic Point

Deploying Tactic costs Tactic Point; you are unable to deploy Tactic with insufficient Tactic Point.

Tactic Point can be recovered in following ways:

(1). Auto recover: it recovers one point every half an hour until it is full.

(2). Purchase: it costs 250 diamonds for 50 Tactical Points; cannot buy Tactic Point when it is full.

(3). Battlefield update: it recovers 60 Tactic Points in every update; can still obtain Tactic Point when it is full.

7. How to relearn Tactic

In “Tactic” interface in “Headquarter”, click on “Reset Tactic” button to reset all learned Tactics by spending diamonds, then you can learn new Tactic.

Three default learned Tactics cannot be reset.   

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  • 5 months later...

Tactics use in game has become a critical part for success. With that being said, the cost is to high. We already have to wait a specific amount of time before reuse except for the ones that the game stakeholders benefit from. Reduce the cost so many more players can get more involved and play game to its potential. The rate is very expensive at 250 gems to 50 tactical points. It should be 1 for 1. And also offer monthly sales.

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12 hours ago, Strobs said:

Why does it say it costs 20 gems but in the game it costs 250??? But yes I agree tactics is very important in the game. If you don't use it. U will loose it, haha. 

Sir, that is a typo. We have corrected it. Sincerely sorry for the inconvenience. 

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