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World Warfare
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Military Academy- Morale Instructions


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1. What is Morale

Morale affects troops in combats.

The original Morale for troop is 50. Troop will become “Jubilant” when Morale reaches 120 (full), which increases attack, defense and speed of the troop; troop will become "Fleeing" when morale reaches 0, which results in losing Health every minute.

2. How to raise Morale

Morale can be raised in following ways.

(1). Attacking enemy: Morale will increase by 2 every time that the troop deals damage to enemy troop until morale reaches “Jubilant”.

(2). Defeating enemy: you can obtain 20 Morale after defeating enemy.

(3). Officer skills: Morale can be increased by chance when some particular officers’ skills are triggered, such as Officer Skill “Indomitable”.

3. Why my Morale decreased

Morale will reduce in following scenarios.

(1). Being attacked: Morale will decrease by 2 every time that enemy attacks you.

(2). Officer Skills: Morale can be decreased by chance when some particular officers’ skills are triggered, such as Officer Skill “Fear”.

(3). Lacking food: Morale will decrease to 0 when you are out of food supply.

(4). Non-combat reduction: when your troops are in non-combat status and have more than 50 morale, Morale will decrease by 1 every 5 minutes until it decreases to 50 .

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