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Found 5 results

  1. Ipad

    Tournaments enter

    We are recruiting in our squad. Enter the squad Grosser-Bruder and at 19:00 we start the tournament. There are only 10 members too!!! Hurry up!!!!
  2. Hello all! Many of you may have seen me or may not but real quick introduction; Captain Barthel, CO of the 8th Combat Squadron Milsim unit.blah. I've searched and haven't successfully found anything really pertaining to knowledge about attacking the Waffen SS HQ or any good tips, tricks or rewards from it. Some small part of my brain was hoping that it would be a capture-able objective but that vanished with a quick Poof! and the HQ is gone. All the hooplah leading up to this ultimate point and the HQ just disappears.... a little disappointed but then I was like holy cow I just did this....by myself.... That being said I'll give you all some tactics I tried. mind you this was my first full assault on waffen not caring about casualties. Took 3 days to get the kill with the decent spawn of being 2 cities over from an HQ. I lost about 632? troops. I did not record the exact number but I will be doing this again to make further SITREPs to update my strategy along the way. If you look below,I was able to secure the resource zones and villages outlying the Military Zones and took out the hidden crack artillery division and AA creeps as well as the armored units associated with such. Since my overall goal was to win no matter the cost(DDay?) I would sent and prepare waves at the same time so my assault force would be as simple as this: 16-20 Tier 1 Assault Guns 10 Tier 2 AT Guns 6 Tier 2 Scout Planes and just a random recon vehicle or BMW, something fast. So I'm sure many of you are well. Erased with the guns and their ranges. Both here have the same, 180. So I would get the AT moving in while the Stugs sit and wait already at the start point which will be the ultimate deploy for the AT. With the AT guns 2-3 mins out send the stugs straight at the enemy sniper towers in the village. If you have siege and destroy use it. Also, if your confident in your setup timing, utilize the forest. I got lucky and could for one of the 4 assaults i had to launch. Stugs hit just about 2200 with siege active so 20 of them firing on a tower even for a short minute or less is devasting. ok by this time u got the Tigers attention. Don't worry just the heavy tank not the ace remember ur AT oh they r about 30 seconds away from being full deployed. Boom one tower down, maybe 2-3 stugs also, fall back.... On,y a few meters then pop shot with stugs. Do that only once then get them behind ur AT. In a moment 10 of those cannons will open up and combined with the remains stugs, you can wipe out the incoming tanks. Draw all of the tanks out, if you have fallen back too fast and they turn back, use the pop shots more. Depending how much time you have with the tactic point, you MAY and that is a big may lawl be able to fire on the second sniper tower and then secure your first waffen village. This strategy worked amazing all the way up to the HQ. Only problem I faced was the Bombers so added 6 Tier 2 AA troops off set in two groups plus the scout planes. Trust me you will have To refine this to your own way because the bombers suck. Artillery as well but you just have to rush them. No other way around it. Both Military zones obviously had the Tiger Ace, 3 Bombers, all the normal heavy tigers and the turrets. Stug Rush one turret at a time with tactical retreat once the tanks start to move. Just wither them down, as your troops die. Make new ones and upgrade them. Get the seconds, third, fourth, etc waves ready. Ok so now we are at a point were you can capture your first MZ.... NOPE OH HELL NAH. There's artillery ands other MZ turrets covering that piece so hard you will think there is some crazy demon looking at you like hahahaha I own your soul. So if your scouts can see, behind the MZ there are 3 adjacent crack artillery batteries in a grouping and I counted about 8 or so around the HQ that can have concentrated fire in the MZ in front and around them so either way your getting hit from 2-4 artillery plus a turret. Your best option is to take down another MZ. Once you do that you can work on withering down some of the artillery and AA hiding back there and capture a MZ then the other, rebuild your turrets and watch them clean up around you as you regroup for your up close and personal day with infamy at the HQs throat. Same tactic as before but I added some bombers just for the heck of it. Wrong move. Me109s took them out. LAWL. Stick the with suicidal stugs.... And then POOF HQ is gone and your free to finish wiping out the remaining SS and FEEL FREAKING AWESOME cause you just did it. By yourself. Sorry I tried to make this a somewhat decent walk through but my iPad unfortunately isn't agreeing. Halfway thru the keyboard is like nah bruh so it was hard to get some of that written. Hope I can paint a picture in your minds on how to attack them successfully. cheers bros and ladies.
  3. Okay ive said this before i feel itd be cool for the devs to make a mode were you can have like 3 leagues at the bottom of the map and ss and rebels everywere else and the rebels and ss at a certain rate attack you and your goal is to help eachother fight back the enemy and push forward ,ss hqs should turn into league citys after you kill them ,all humans are allied, alot of people want to just fight the ss ive seen it alot snd i feel this would be a fun game it could last a week and a half or could be a coustum alliance thing were you plan these and invite alliances to join your gamemore in reply.\/ I feel this would just be fun to do not nessecaryaly a conpetition but as kind of a way to have fun build team work and learn how to use certain troops Please just reply if u veiw this
  4. Okay devs i have an idea ! Many prople in this game play for enjoyment and many just would like to fight the SS and Rebels i feel that it would be cool to have a type of game were you can join and maybey like its just your alliance or like 50 people ,instead of fighting eachother you should all be allied and need to defend your bases ,and you spawn with all the mini resource collecters. And a supply factory , i say that you have to defend for 10 days or so or you mist push to the top of the map to a Heavly defended SS hq and destroy it. There should also be SS hqs that are equivilent to the ones we havr noe that if killed may be captured and act as League cities . And also of course reg ss and rebel citys. To capture. There also should be ss/ rebel attacks every two hours that u must prepare for. GUYS PLEASE ADD MORE TO THIS ANY IDEAS AND PLEASE GIVE FEEDBACK
  5. I find it incredibly frustrating when I've been attacking a Tiger tank or SS Headquarters and done 95% of the damage and someone else comes in, and gets credit for the kill... There should be some sort of division of points. If we get 10,000 xp for killing a tiger, if I did 95% of the damage, I should get at least 9,500 xp and the other guy should get 500... Either that, or whoever did the biggest percentage of damage get credit for the kill...
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